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Slip & Fall Claims Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA

Accidents happen, but some of those accidents could be reasonably avoided. According to Pennsylvania premises liability law, property owners are required to address potentially unsafe conditions that could lead to an injury. A fall due to a liquid spill, broken stair or walkway, ice and snow or other conditions can cause serious injuries including broken bones, back, neck and spinal injuries and head injuries. These types of injuries can be costly and require time off of work for treatment and recovery. Severe cases can have life-long consequences.

In order to hold a property owner liable for your slip and fall accident, you need a thorough knowledge of the law and insurance-related issues. The attorneys at Solomon, Sherman & Gabay have decades of experience successfully representing clients in Pennsylvania with slip and fall cases. Our partner, David B. Sherman, is an expert in this area. He offers lectures on slip and fall case evaluation and strategies for lawyers pursuing continuing legal education.

When our attorneys take your slip and fall case, we arrange an immediate investigation to procure evidence of dangerous conditions and ascertain the responsible party’s awareness of the problem. We analyze all possible sources of financial recovery including any applicable insurance coverage. Get the responsible, knowledgeable representation you need to handle your case by calling us today.

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