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Car Accident Back Pain Can Be a Serious Injury

Being involved in a car accident can be very jarring on your body. The result of having your body knocked around upon impact can result in serious injuries to your back. Car accidents may cause damage to the soft tissue around your spine or they may cause injury to the spine itself. Some injuries will […]

Lack Of Transparency In Police Misconduct Cases Adds More Chaos

Much like doctors, the police are often adorned with the utmost respect. On the one hand, they deserve our praise and respect. People in the blue uniform regularly deal with characters that most of us drive past or ignore. Like doctors, they come face to face with challenging situations that often result in danger. However, […]

Car Crash Leads to Local Celebrity Deaths

Most people use their cars to go to work, pick up children, go grocery shopping, or enjoy the scenery. We like to believe that everyone driving is sober or feeling some balance in their day. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Our Philadelphia car accident attorneys at Solomon, Sherman & Gabay know the stories […]

How Safe Are Your Child’s Toys?

Children need toys to shape their imagination and learn life skills, like sharing and responsibility. As parents, we encourage that play. To our children’s delight, we’ll have a tea party on the living room floor and hold our ears when they power up the play power drill. We will help our son put together his […]