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Exercising caution when operating a motor vehicle in any setting is always critical. Accidents can occur anywhere and at any time when motorists are negligent. However, a recent incident on the other side of the state, in Allegheny County, serves as a reminder that being careful when driving near train tracks is particularly vital. Injuries […]

Philadelphia is a wonderful walking city. It’s also a very busy city. Thus, although walking may be an ideal way to get from Point A to Point B in Philadelphia, pedestrians still need to be cautious. The chances of being harmed in a pedestrian accident tend to be greater when one is in a dense […]

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies are becoming the norm in Philadelphia and other major American cities. The rise of this phenomenon comes at an age of technological advancement in which people no longer need to leave their cars in the airport parking lot or identify a designated driver in their friend group. At the […]

As the season of sports, festivals, and live music kicks into gear, more and more Philadelphians are leaving the house and going to their favorite stadiums and venues to have some fun. This is a great time for individuals and families alike, providing a great environment for socialization and entertainment. In any case, many of […]

Many jobs across the United States of America come with inherent risks. Those risks may include anything from a high probability of a fall to the constant threat of getting an appendage stuck in a moving machine. What is common across all these jobs, despite their differences, is that workers may have a worker’s compensation […]

Pennsylvania’s Roads Rank Fifth In Worst Winter Driving

Snow, black ice, freezing rain, high winds, and fallen trees are just some of the natural hazards motorists face as they navigate winter’s deteriorating road conditions. According to recent studies, Pennsylvania ranked fifth among the most dangerous roads for winter driving in the United States. The four states ranked worse were Michigan, Alaska, Wyoming, and […]